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Clenergy Celebrates Monash Motorsport’s Success at FSAE Australasia 2023

Tuesday February 6, 2024 at 10:39 am

CLAYTON, Australia, 6 February 2024 – Clenergy, a Platinum sponsor for the Monash Motorsport Program, is thrilled to announce the remarkable achievements of the Monash Motorsport team at the Formula SAE Australasia 2023 (FSAE-A 2023) competition. The global program challenges students to design, build, and compete in a motorkhana-style event for their universities in various categories.

Monash Motorsport

Held at Calder Park Raceway in Calder Park, Victoria, Australia, from December 14-17, 2023, this well-attended event brought together 34 teams from Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan, Indonesia, and India, serving as a platform for students to gain hands-on experience in various facets of racing team development, including engineering, management, leadership, teamwork, marketing, and finance—preparing them for future careers in motorsport.

Monash Motorsport

Throughout the year, the Monash Motorsport team demonstrated steadfast dedication and innovation, leading to the successful creation of the integrated driven-driverless car, M23. Overcoming challenges in the highly competitive race, their outstanding performance at FSAE-A 2023 showcased their commitment to electric vehicle engineering, marking a significant milestone in their journey.

Monash Motorsport

Results Summary from FSAE-A 2023:

Driven Events:
Business Presentation: 1st
Engineering Design: 2nd
Cost Event: 4th
Acceleration: 2nd
Skidpan: 6th
Auto-X: 4th
Endurance: DNF (after completing 9 of 18 laps)

Driverless Events:
Autonomous Emergency Brake Test: Completed
10 Lap Autonomous Track Drive: Completed
Automated Vehicle Drive Award: Winner

The Monash Motorsport team achieved a historic milestone by completing a 10-lap autonomous track drive, establishing themselves as the first Australasian team to demonstrate a driverless integrated driven-driverless car.

Monash Motorsport

This achievement earned the team the Society of Automotive Engineers – Australasia (SAE-Australasia) Transport for NSW Automated Vehicle Drive Award, recognising excellence in automation and engineering and an outstanding demonstration of perseverance under pressure.

Notable results also include setting a new record for the 75m Acceleration event with an impressive time of 3.81 seconds, marking the fastest acceleration time by an MMS car.

Garth Watson, Senior Product Manager of Clenergy ESS, expressed his joy, saying, “Congratulations to everyone at the Monash Motorsport team who competed in the Formula SAE-A 2023 competition! We take immense pride in sponsoring innovative engineering initiatives. This remarkable achievement signifies a significant step towards a more sustainable future in motorsports, perfectly aligning with Clenergy’s mission to serve as a technology enabler for carbon neutrality.”

All Energy 2023

As the Monash Motorsport team approaches 2024 with exciting initiatives on the horizon, they remain committed to pursuing innovation and excellence in student engineering design competitions.

For further details about Monash Motorsports, click here.


About Monash Motorsport

Monash Motorsport, Monash University’s premier Formula Student team, specialises in engineering high-performance all-electric race cars. This student-run, not-for-profit program focuses on developing practical knowledge and offering invaluable experience by involving students in the design, manufacture, and racing of open-wheeled cars in Formula SAE, the world’s largest student engineering design competition.


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