PV-ezRack®/DFendr – Solar Skirt


DFendr - Solar Skirt

PV-ezRack®DFendr - Solar Skirt is a mounting accessory to keep birds, wind-blown debris and leaves away from the solar PV system on roofs.

System Overview

Considering the height (130 mm) and flexibility of Solar Skirt, it is recommended to use solar skirt only for the gap 100 to 130 mm between underside of the PV panel and roof.

Most of PV-ezRack interfaces can provide required gap.

Tile Roof Interfaces:

  • ER-I-01
  • ER-I-01/EZC/ECO
  • ER-I-01/CS
  • ER-I-51
  • ER-I-23
  • ER-I-26

Penetrative Tin Roof Interfaces:

  • ER-I-05/EZC/ECO
  • ER-I-25

Non-penetrative Tin Roof Interfaces:

  • Klip-lok bracket with Cross Connection Clamp (EZ-AD-C43)

Product Details

Product Details

Key Benefits

Quick and Easy Installation / Protect your Solar Panel

Using Polyamide, (nylon) as the main material of the Solar Skirt, the product is flexible and can be cut to specification. We use clips to fix the solar skirt to avoid penetration on the solar panel frame, making the solution quite versatile. The strips of Solar Skirt can effectively block the intrusion of birds, small rodents, other debris and leaves.

Excellent UV Resistance

100% recyclable UV resistance Nylon makes the solar skirt built to last and more cost-effective.


PVezRack - DFendr Installation Guide


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PV-ezRack® DFendr - Solar Skirt Clip for PV Panels



PV-ezRack® DFendr - Solar Skirt for PV Panels



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