Empowering Formula Student EV

At Clenergy, we are deeply committed to making a lasting, positive impact, especially when it comes to our environmental initiatives. In alignment with our mission to act as a technology enabler for carbon neutrality, we take pride in sponsoring the Monash Motorsport Program, the distinguished Formula Student team at Monash University..

Monash Motorsport specialises in engineering high-performance all-electric race cars. This student-run, not-for-profit program focuses on developing practical knowledge and offering invaluable experience by involving students in designing, manufacturing, and racing open-wheeled cars in Formula SAE, the world’s largest student engineering design competition.

Our ongoing support for initiatives like this underscores our dedication to promoting sustainability and advancing innovative solutions for a greener future.

Formula SAE Australasia 2023

The Monash Motorsport team achieved a historic milestone by completing a 10-lap autonomous track drive at the FSAE-A 2023 competition.

The exceptional results earned the team the Society of Automotive Engineers – Australasia (SAE-Australasia) Transport for NSW Automated Vehicle Drive Award

This remarkable achievement signifies a significant step towards a more sustainable future in motorsports, perfectly aligning with Clenergy’s mission to serve as a technology enabler for carbon neutrality..

Congratulations to everyone at the Monash Motorsport team who competed in the Formula SAE-A 2023 competition!

All Energy 2023

The Monash Motorsport team’s challenger vehicle, M23, made a stunning appearance at Clenergy’s booth during All Energy 2023.

Taking centre stage was an exhilarating racing simulator, offering conference attendees a memorable experience as they competed on the RUNNUR cable management track with RC cars, contending for exciting prizes.

We look forward to collaborating on even more exciting events in the future!

The M23 Launch Night

The Monash Motorsport team unveiled the M23 to the world during the 2023 Launch Night, celebrating their achievements from the inception of building the car to its first rolling and first drive.

We take immense pride in sponsoring this innovative engineering initiative and being part of this significant milestone!