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PV-ezRack®/Clenergy Hollywood/SolarRoof™ Black Series
SolarRoof™ Black Series

Inspire Solar Mounting Creativity


At Clenergy, our philosophy is simple: Your renewable energy project should be aesthetically pristine & functional. That’s why we’ve developed Clenergy Hollywood – our black series range with smart features and clean lines to give your panels a plush look.

Built To Last

Immerse yourself in form, function and flair for the ultimate indulgent solar experience. From elegant rails for a minimalist design to clamps for a luxurious interface, elevating your solar experience is within reach.

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Key Benefits
• Streamlined simplicity

A solar system should be a statement on your roof and Clenergy Hollywood makes sure it’s one of the most striking features holding up your solar panels. The series is available for tile, tin and flat roofs for a seamless and elegant look.

• Stylish & Smart

Clenergy continues to lead the way with class-leading solar mounting design, enhancing the appearance of your premium panels, without compromising on structural performance. Striking a perfect balance of innovation and intuition with a contemporary appeal.

• Lifestyle Integration

Our innovative end caps provide rich aesthetics whilst providing added security to your system by sealing ends from debris. They can be installed by your certified installer effortlessly to give a complete luxurious finish.

• Designed just for you

We are constantly improving our exceptional products whilst doing so in a way that is least impactful on the environment. We use methods of production that save resources, as well as producing solar mounting gear which sets new standards in aesthetics.

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