Engineering Services

Racking Assessment

Racking structural assessments include a design certificate, racking computations and state-specific certificate of compliancy (in line with Australian Standards), to allow you to proceed with the installation.

Structural Assessment

A structural assessment on the direct roof members. As well as providing certification for rafters and purlins, we also certify trusses (which take more time to analyse due to the difference in the structural calculations required) and portal frames structures. The only structure that we are not possible to certify are concrete slabs, due to the extent of liability.

Site Assessments or Site Inspections

A full report of site members to be analysed, including but not limited to: Rafters, purlins, trusses, portal frames. We can also inspect columns and connections if required.

Post Install Site Inspections

Some councils require post install site inspections for further approvals.

Pallet Loading Assessments

Based on pallet dimensions and properties.