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Clenergy Recognised as No. 1 Solar Mounting Manufacturer for Second Consecutive Year

Friday March 22, 2024 at 10:43 pm

CLAYTON, Australia, 25 March 2024 – Clenergy, a leading provider of innovative solar mounting solutions, proudly announces its achievement in securing the “Solar Mounting Manufacturer of the Year” award for the second consecutive year. This prestigious accolade recognises Clenergy’s unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction.

The award, bestowed by SunWiz, a respected independent industry analyst and the primary source of market analytics for the Australian Solar and Storage industry, underscores Clenergy’s continuous dedication to providing cutting-edge solar mounting solutions that drive the industry forward. With a focus on sustainability, reliability, and performance, Clenergy has solidified its position as a leading force in the global renewable energy landscape.

SunWiz has conducted a comprehensive examination of Clenergy’s audited financial reports, given its status as a publicly listed company. Throughout the review process, SunWiz assessed Clenergy’s SAP reports on units sold during the 2023 calendar year. Additionally, SunWiz meticulously scrutinised Clenergy’s methodology for converting sales volumes (lengths) into the corresponding number of panels and kW for the same period.

Upon comparing Clenergy’s data with SunWiz’s comprehensive national installation statistics within the sub-5MW category, SunWiz confidently declares the following: ‘Clenergy has emerged as the leading manufacturer of solar mounting equipment in Australia for the year 2023, based on the volume of units sold for roof-mounted solar.‘ As a result, SunWiz unequivocally endorses the following statement: ‘Clenergy stands as the #1 solar rooftop mounting system provider by volume, according to SunWiz’s data for Australia’s behind-the-meter installations in 2023.

“We are honoured to receive the ‘Solar Mounting Manufacturer of the Year’ award for the second year in a row,” said Vince Mobilio, Vice President of Clenergy.  “This achievement reflects our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence and our unwavering commitment to empowering the world with sustainable energy solutions.”

Clenergy’s PV-ezRack® innovative mounting systems have played a pivotal role in advancing the adoption of solar energy worldwide. From residential to industrial, commercial, and utility-scale projects, PV-ezRack® mounting solutions are renowned for their durability, efficiency, and ease of installation. By consistently exceeding industry standards, Clenergy has earned the trust of customers and partners around the globe.

“We attribute this award to our incredible team, robust company culture, and relentless commitment to integrity and continuous improvement. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued stakeholders who have supported us throughout this journey.”

“This award motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability as we strive to create a brighter future powered by clean energy.”

As Clenergy celebrates this remarkable achievement, the company remains committed to driving progress in the renewable energy sector and delivering innovative solutions that address the world’s energy challenges.

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Established in Melbourne, Australia, and extending our presence with offices and factories across China, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, and Germany, Clenergy stands as an enabler for the public sector, enterprises, and governments in pursuit of sustainability and carbon neutrality solutions. Our commitment is grounded in a vision of a future powered by sustainable, clean energy. We persistently reinvent our approach, leveraging innovative technology and service, as we strive towards realising this mission.


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