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Two Large-scale Orders in a Row from Clenergy Japan

Wednesday April 18, 2018 at 12:44 pm

The beginning of 2018 marked a good start for Clenergy. A 50 MW order for PV ground mounting and a 53 MW order were signed respectively in Kagoya and Sendai Highlands, Japan, following a 69 MW order from Vietnam, another order of 5 MW from Thailand and the successful grid-connection for one of Clenergy’s PV plant projects earlier.

According to the Manager of Clenergy Japan, Kaoru Ihara, the biggest challenge of providing PV mounting solution to Kagoya project is to get the approval from Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and to minimize the approval process’ impact on price. Clenergy’s professional design, high quality products and quick response from Clenergy Japan has won the client’s trust on Clenergy.

What’s more exciting is one of Clenergy’s long-term partners has been working so well with Clenergy that they referred a new client who placed an order for 53 MW with Clenergy! This project is located in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture and adopts Clenergy’s PV mounting product—STI-C.

As Japan is a very important market for Clenergy, the company has developed products that are ultra strong for the damaging weather like rainstorms in Japan. Also, Clenergy’s PV mounting solution is time saving and cost efficient which is another key factor that Japanese clients choose Clenergy.

In 2013, Clenergy established its Japanese subsidiary to provide better service for its clients in Japan. Depending on Clenergy’s excellent design, high quality products and Japanese team’s good customer service and quick response, the Japanese subsidiary has built long-term and stable partnership with many well-known Japanese companies.

The Japanese government is now cutting subsidiaries for solar power generation, which may seem to be a challenge, but Clenergy sees it as an opportunity. Clenergy will use it as a driving force to develop more products of high cost performance for the benefits of both clients and Clenergy itself.