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Clenergy Production Center at Xiamen Headquarters after Resumed Operations in March 2020 01

Life in Clenergy Xiamen Gradually Returns to Normal

Wednesday March 25, 2020 at 1:16 pm

We at Clenergy are ever so grateful to the Chinese and other global medical teams and volunteers who have made enormous strides in the fight against COVID-19.

Regardless of the lack of effective drugs or vaccines, the Chinese government had taken various aggressive measures such as AI for contact tracing and case finding, massive lockdowns, self-isolation protocols, extended the Lunar New Year holiday, delayed the opening of schools and enterprises, remote working, just to name a few. All these measures added up to the current success in winning the battle against this virus.

As the Chinese proverb saying goes, if we had no winter, we wouldn’t appreciate the spring. This pandemic gives us a chance to view our world in a new light. Time to step up and make change for a cleaner and more sustainable planet.

Enterprises across China have gradually resumed operations, with signs of activities springing up.

Clenergy Production Center at Xiamen Headquarters after Resumed Operations in March 2020 02

Teams Pushing Forward to Meet Deadlines

Take Clenergy for example, many enterprises have resumed production since the 10th of February, with colleagues returning to work. We are operating at full capacity, and back onto our existing supply chain timeline.

Most public transport facilities are back online, and with life slowly returning to normal, more and more people who have been staying at home in the past two months are emerging from isolation and enjoying the peaceful moments along the beach or taking in a breath of fresh air with some outdoor exercise.

Cyclists Riding on the Road in Xiamen after Resumed Operations in March 2020Cyclists Riding on the Road

These are all encouraging signs of a recovery in all walks of life, slow yet steady. China’s experience, shows the epidemic is controllable if scientific and diligent measures are taken well in advance. My message to all our overseas teams, customers, suppliers and friends – stay safe, stay calm, tomorrow is a new day.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Clenergy.


Daniel Hong