Its Time Foundation with Clenergy Ground Mount system

Donations and Community Involvement

It’s Time Foundation – Rob Edwards

Clenergy is proud to partner with Rob Edwards from the Its Time Foundation – Thank you for including Clenergy in your Journey. We have partnered with the program for over a decade and to the see the smiles of young students who get now 24-hour power and being able to participate in e-learning makes us feel extremely proud.

Additionally we are immensely proud of Rob in achieving the order of Australia award in recognition of his efforts towards this amazing cause.

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Project Partners

  • OutBack Power (Inverters)
  • Simpliphi (Batteries)
  • Yingli Solar (Panels)
  • Mentions: Smart Energy Council | CBS Power Solutions | Rotary Club Of Balwyn


Clenergy is committed to engaging in a fair and respectful workplace, focusing on:

  • A diverse work environment, free of any form of prejudice or discrimination made against Clenergy employees, business partners, external stakeholders, suppliers, or customers.
  • Equal opportunities for all job placement applicants.
  • Clear communication and respect between company employees and external stakeholders, to achieve successful outcomes.
  • Fair pay and benefits, covering the resources necessary for employees’ long-term physical well-being, allowing a safe, decent standard of living.
  • Periodic professional development training opportunities as well Team building activities aligned with the companies vision & values.

Donations and Community Involvement

Australian Bushfire Relief

Australia suffered catastrophic bushfires where major amount of the rural areas were scorched.

Clenergy partnered with RACV Solar & Gippsland Solar to bring ground-mount solar systems to wildlife sanctuaries.

It was like this powerful force within the local Solar Industry of manufacturers coming together for a common good.

We hope that this inspires more businesses to step up and make a difference.

Check out the videos from,

Goongerah Wombat Orphanage

Bat & Roo Wildlife Center & Environment Victoria

Working with External Stakeholders

Donates Surgical Masks

As the public health crisis triggers outbreaks, across the globe, our hearts go out to all those impacted. We at Clenergy are concerned about the safety and well-being and are here to offer ongoing support of all valued partners and clients across regions, that have enabled Clenergy to become what it is today.

We received notice that some of our partners received exorbitant prices or lack of supply for safety gear like facial masks, hence with our supplier connections, Clenergy took action by organizing global sourcing and redistribution efforts.

We organised masks from reliable suppliers and shipped them to Australia, Japan, Thailand, and other Asia Pacific regions where Clenergy operates. We advised our network, if they needed it, to reach out to us.

We continue to offer this service free of charge, until our stocks last for partners globally who do have the immediate need. What we care about is the immediate safety of local onsite workers especially performing critical work, who are possibly the most vulnerable to infection.

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Donations and Community Involvement

Poverty Alleviation Project

Back in 2018, Clenergy invested in a 33MW in the ‘Poverty Alleviation’ Solar Plant in Guyang County, located in western Inner Mongolia, China. The ‘Poverty Alleviation’ project is a government-backed initiative to provide small solar farms and residential roof-top solar to underprivileged communities free of charge, as a way to give each home an additional revenue source. Most of the recipients to this program live below the poverty line which is below $1 daily wage. Clenergy has been committed to accelerating the deployment of renewable energies in the county since the inception of this poverty alleviation program.

Thanks to our continuous efforts, Clenergy has reached an agreement with the local government for a 1GW investment portfolio of solar projects. The first phase was a 500MW project based on reaching a grid parity scheme with an estimated value of USD 283 million.

Donations and Community Involvement

Donates to Primary School

As many rural works across China migrate to urban centers to find employment, they tend to leave their children in the care of their extended family. Clenergy donates goods to the left-behind children in Guangming Primary School in Guyang county in Baotou.

Education for our future generations is very important to us at Clenergy.

Business Practices

Clenergy is committed to practicing fair business while strictly complying with laws and regulations throughout the regions in which we operate. Furthermore, we enforce a zero-tolerance policy on any violations of the following:

  • Anti-corruption practices
  • Environmental protection
  • Ethical business conduct
  • Fair competition practices

In addition

  • We believe in fair competition
  • We are committed to respecting human rights and the environment
  • We committed to empowering not-for-profits who engage in education, global push towards renewables, disaster relief, and more.
  • We strive to ensure that materials used in our products come from socially and environmentally responsible sources.
  • We forbid company employees and business partners to pass on or discuss confidential information.