Puerta De Sol Bentleigh East | Black on Black - Solar Installation

Puerta De Sol - Bentleigh East is a short film on the beauty of quality solar of black solar panels from Sunpower and ClenergyHollywood from PVezRack - black racking giving the home a beautiful finish on their solar installation here in Melbourne, Australia.

Coupled with a hybrid inverter from Sungrow, proving that we can have renewable energy & aesthetically pleasing roof installations whilst reducing our carbon footprint.

Greenwood Solutions has proven yet again with this 6.6kw Solar Installation that they are one of the best solar installers in Victoria with this amazing property.

The film's concept is to show what a sustainable property looks like and how beautifully the green energy decision fits with the home and surrounding landscape. Proudly Supported by: Clenergy Australia, Sunpower Australia & Sungrow