Men's Mental Health Panel - Solar Industry

#RUOk? Day & International Suicide Prevention Day During this pandemic, and especially in #Australian states where the lockdown has been a bit more severe than others, the mental health of our boys and men on roof's building the sustainable future of tomorrow has been in jeopardy. The panel discusses issues from the traditional role of men, the pressures that go with that to the stigmatisation of shame to the invisible afflictions of loneliness and substance abuse.  


Rae Bonney: Integrated Wellbeing Specialist | Counsellor | Speaker & Radio Presenter Men & Boys Health | Suicide Prevention
Rob Edwards: Keynote Speaker | Health, Wellbeing and Resilience | Health Appraisals | Founder – Its Time Foundation | Order of Australia Medal
Sam Gardel: Managing Director of Gardel Electrical Services - Runs a Men's group in Brisbane | CEC accredited installer | Electrical Fitter mechanic
Lliam Ricketts: Innovation & Marketing Director at Supply Partners (Solar Distributor | Just implemented a new counselling service for his team

CLENERGISED WellBeing_Issue1_SEPT 2020
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