ezShade | Solar Pergola & SolarPort

How to Install Videos PV-ezRack ezShade is an economical #GroundMountSolar system for landscape module installation that provides shelter for parking. It is designed for high wind speed and snow loads. The #AnodisedAluminium components combined with this specific structural design result in an optimal balance between aesthetics and cost-effectiveness. This product comes optionally with a dry bar making the system watertight. #ezShade is a shade solution for #ResidentialSolar & #CommercialSolar projects. EzShade enjoys wide applications, including but not limited to Airports | Bus Stations | E-bike Charge Spots | Hospitals | Hotels | Industrial Areas | Shopping Malls | Swimming Pools | Other Public Facilities. You can add a #SolarInverter, #Solarbattery and even a #EVCharge outlet to the structure making it a complete solution.