Hanger Bolt

Come and see the latest on Clenergy's Hanger Bolts!

Hanger bolt fixing on tile roof: Drill 10 mm hole for M8 hanger bolt on the marked location of tile and stop when reaching the purlin. Through 10 mm hole on the tiles, pre-drill 6.5 mm hole on the wood purlin for hanger bolt. Drive and press the hanger bolt firmly in an axial manner to the wood purlin till the rubber seal is firmly flush on the tile and turn the nut down till touching the rubber seal. Please apply for low rotational speed of drive, preferably less than 300 rpm to reduce threads damage. Please turn another 4 threads cycle to press the rubber seal. It shall apply Sikaflex (or similar) sealant around the bolt to fill the gap between the bolt and tile before fixing hanger bolt. Please refer Sikaflex (or similar) instruction for use. It is also recommended to use Loctite Threadlocker Blue (or similar) for the nut holding the rubber seal in place to prevent hanger bolt/nut from leaking or loosening. Please refer Loctite (or similar) instruction for use.

Hanger bolt connection with tin foot: Screw out the top nut of hanger bolt, connect and adjust tin foot position and tighten the top nut with the torque of 16~20 N·m.

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