Clenergy RUNNUR Tunnal Rail Tray Datasheet

Ver 1.1 Last Updated Nov / 2023 CABLE TRAY SYSTEMSINSTALLATION GUIDETUNNAL RAIL TRAYENERGY & INFORMATION CONNECTEDNote: Supplied in 4.6 m length.LOAD PER METER30kg60kg143kg290kg Deflection 21mmDeflection 17mm Deflection 13mmDeflection 9mmSPAN2.5m2.0m1.5m1.0mLoad Rating […]

Clenergy RUNNUR Warranty Document

Clenergy RUNNUR Cable Management Product Warranty Definitions In this warranty, the following terms have the meanings given below: “Clenergy” (i) Clenergy Technology Co., Ltd or (ii) Clenergy Australia (iii) Clenergy […]

Clenergy RUNNUR Catalogue

Product BrochureVer 2.2 / Last Updated – Mar 2023PROJECTS AUS TRALI A 2 Clenergy Projects Australia is a veteran manufacturer with startup roots in Melbourne, Australia, we have earned a […]