Clenergy RUNNUR Tunnal Rail Tray Datasheet

Ver 1.1 Last Updated Nov / 2023 CABLE TRAY SYSTEMSINSTALLATION GUIDETUNNAL RAIL TRAYENERGY & INFORMATION CONNECTEDNote: Supplied in 4.6 m length.LOAD PER METER30kg60kg143kg290kg Deflection 21mmDeflection 17mm Deflection 13mmDeflection 9mmSPAN2.5m2.0m1.5m1.0mLoad Rating […]


Check out our RUNNUR range! The RUNNUR Cable Trays, have been developed to manage information and energy cables in establishments where one can easily achieve tees, bends, risers, and crosses […]

All-Energy Australia 2022

All-Energy Australia, the largest clean energy exhibition in the country, made its glorious return on 26 – 27 October 2022 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Clenergy was pleased […]

Clenergy RUNNUR Warranty Document

Clenergy RUNNUR Cable Management Product Warranty Definitions In this warranty, the following terms have the meanings given below: “Clenergy” (i) Clenergy Technology Co., Ltd or (ii) Clenergy Australia (iii) Clenergy […]

Clenergy RUNNUR Datasheet for MT Cable Tray

CoverTechnical Specification Assembly Components38kg59kg 106kg239kgSPAN2.5m2.0m1.5m1.0mLoad Rating and DeflectionEZ-CT-40/40/2560Fix Solar DC CablesFix on the ECO or T rail with Z moduleL 2560mm*W40mm*H40mm1.73 kgPart No. (Ordering Code)ApplicationFixing MethodDimensionsWeightPackagingMaterialFinishStandard 1020 pcs per palletAL/6005-T5Mill […]

Clenergy RUNNUR Datasheet for CR1 Cable Tray

Cable Laying Width (mm)Part No. (Ordering Code) Weight (kg)Packaging150300CR1-CT150MCR1-CT300M 1.887/m2.707/m 150 pcs per pallet84 pcs per palletCable Laying Depth (mm)Overall Width (mm)172322Side Rail Height (mm)4343 5050Nominal Width (mm)Part No. (Ordering […]

Clenergy RUNNUR Installation Guide for MT Cable Tray

Ver 1.0 Last Updated 08/2021MT CABLE TRAY CABLE TRAY SYSTEMSINSTALLATION GUIDEENERGY & INFORMATION CONNECTEDLoad Rating and Deflection38kg59kg 106kg 239kgSPAN2.5m2.0m1.5m1.0mCable Tray & CoverEZ-CT-40/40/2560 Cable TrayCable Tray AccessoriesInstallation MethodInterfaceMT Cable TrayCO-MT/855CoverSplice Plate […]