How do I make an inverter warranty claim?

Your inverter is designed to provide you with trouble free service; however since there are many things that can cause a failure in the inverter, the information below  is provided to assist you  in determining if you need to make a warranty claim.

1.How do I know that I have a problem?

All Clenergy inverters come with a display that indicates the status of the inverter and any faults; in addition it also has a blue light which is on when the inverter is running correctly and generating power and a red light which indicates when there is a problem.

2.What if there are no lights or display?

This can happen if the sun has gone down, the inverter will shut down so you should wait until there is sunshine on your panels then check the inverter to see if it has restarted.If the blue light comes on and the display indicates “working mode” then all is well and there is no need for a service callout.

3.What if the red light comes on?

This generally means that a problem exists; you should look at the display and take a note of the error message that is displayed. Sometimes it can be caused by a problem with the electricity network and will clear once the power comes back, this should be evident to you as you will not have any power in your home so wait until the power comes back on and then recheck your inverter to see if the blue light comes on and the display changes to “working mode”. If that happens then everything is ok and there is no need for a service callout.
If the fault is still there, you should call the company who installed your system and report it to them; they will assist you with the next steps. Usually this will require them to come to site to verify that there is a genuine fault and they can then arrange for a service callout.
If the company who installed your system is unreachable/out of business, please read the instructions below.

4.Shut down procedure.

a)Turn off the “SOLAR SUPPLY MAIN SWITCH” located in the switchboard, or the “AC ISOLATOR” if installed next to the inverter.

b)Turn off the “DC PV ARRAY ISOLATOR” located next to the inverter.

c)Wait for one minute. The system is now shut down.

d)Switch on the DC, then switch on the AC.

e)Wait for one minute.

f)The inverter should be showing a blue light and “working mode” on the display screen.

5.How do I makea warranty claim?

If the company that supplied the system to you determines that there needs to be a warranty claim, they will contact Clenergy’s service department and request a replacement inverter. Clenergy will require certain information to register your service call as follow:

1.Proof of purchase.

2.Your contact details.

3.Details of the fault, inverter serial number and model.

4.Photos of the serial number, the error code, the overall inverter and the AC plug termination.

5.Go to to find the forms.

6.Once we receive that information and assess that it may be a valid warranty claim, Clenergy will register your warranty claim and issue the replacement inverter along with our site inspection report that they will need to complete and send back with the faulty inverter.

7.Once we receive the inverter, completed our tests and have ascertained that the failure was not caused by external issues (warranty does not cover power surges and incorrect installation or other factors that are listed in your warranty form, these can be viewed on our website at we will accept the charges. Please note that if we determine that the cause is not covered by your warranty we will advise as such and charges will apply for the service callout and the cost of any repairs or replacement inverter

8.Please note that if the service person when attending the site finds there are faults in your system which may have caused the damage to the inverter which causes it to fail those causes will need to be rectified before the inverter is replaced. Additionally we may reject your  warranty claim and Clenergy will apply charges for the replacement unit and any service or installation costs.

9.If the failure is caused by a power surge, the warranty will not cover the replacement inverter; you should contact your electricity provider and/or make a claim on your insurance company; Clenergy will issue you with a report and an invoice for the costs of the repair to give to your insurance provider.

10.If the service agent finds that there are isolators that have been recalled, they will advise you and will not be able to replace your failed unit until the site has been rectified and made safe; they will also turn off the system for safety purposes and replace the recalled isolator(s). If the inverter has been damaged due to the faulty isolator it will not be covered by your warranty and charges will apply.

6.How do I find out the serial number of the inverter?
  Look at the top of the inverter and locate a sticker with an 11-digit number. It generally starts with “S/N: 1xxx……”.


7. What are the different photographs to be attached along with the warranty claim form?

a.Serial no of the inverter


b.Overall installation photo


c.AC plug termination photo


d.Photo of Error message