Inverter FAQ


1. My system/inverter is not working and needs inspection/repairs. What do I do?

    Clenergy does not provide a repair service for out of warranty units.

       a. To have your system inspected, please engage a solar accredited electrician. To find a solar accredited electrician, please go to

       b. To have your inverter repaired or replaced, please contact any of these companies (present everywhere in Australia):

           i.Inverter Service 


           02 9748 7036

           ii. Solargain 


           1300 739 355


2. How do I know how much warranty I have on my inverter?

Your inverter comes with a 5-year warranty from the date it was installed with the whole system. Most inverters we provided in Australia are now out of warranty.

To get assistance for repairs or a replacement, please contact the company you bought the system from. For additional support you can contact Inverter Service or Solargain on the numbers listed above.


3. How do I know if I am eligible to make a claim?


To be eligible for a claim, your whole solar system must have been installed less than 5 years ago and you must have a proof of purchase. Please contact Clenergy if you need to make a claim.


4. How do I perform a shutdown procedure?

a. Turn off the “SOLAR SUPPLY MAIN SWITCH” located in the switchboard, or the “AC ISOLATOR” if installed next to the inverter.

b. Turn off the “DC PV ARRAY ISOLATOR” located next to the inverter.

c. Wait for one minute. The system is now shut down.

d. Switch on the DC, then switch on the AC.

e. Wait for one minute.

f. The inverter should be showing a blue light and “working mode” on the display screen.


5. How do I contact Clenergy if I have an inverter question?

Please email or call us on 03 9239 8088 option 4.


6. Additional documents

● SPH-installation-and-operation-manual.pdf

● 5-year-limited-warranty-conditions.pdf