PV-ezRack® ez-Shade

The Universal Ground Mounted Solution

Clenergy PV-ezRack ezShade is an economical ground mounted system for landscape module installation that provides shelter for parking. It is designed for high wind speed and snow loads. The combination of Clenergy’s patented aluminium base rail, Z-module technology and rail splicing saves you the trouble of on-site cutting for fast installation. The anodised aluminium components combined with this specific structural design result in an optimal balance between aesthetics and cost effectiveness.

Key Benefits

Customized Solution

We offer customized solution for PV-ezRack ezShade with single bay and double bay options. Both silver anodized and black anodized products are available.


The whole anodised aluminium structure gives the system a decent look and anti-corrosive quality as well. It is a good choice for even the toughest environment, such as sites near the coastline.

Watertight Function

PV-ezRack ezShade is available with the watertight function for the premium product. The version without it is the more economical option.

System Earthing Feature

With the earthed panel clamps, T-rail clamps with earthed Z-modules and set screws in the system, it can create earthing continuity from solar panels to supports.


ezshade with Dry-bar

ezShade without Dry-bar





T Rail 150mm

Part number: ER-R-T150


Splice for T-150 Rail

Part number: ER-SP-T150


Main Support Beam

Part number: ER-B-150


Splice for Main Support Beam

Part number: ER-SP-B150


Rail Clamp for T Rail with grounding/earthing pins

Part number: ER-RC-T/G


Rectangular Tube

Part number: RT-100/90


Corrugated U-anchor Plate 300/380

Part number: U-AP/TR


Module Clamp 40 mm

Part number: ER-MC-40


Dry Bar-Landscape

Part number: ER-B-L/A


Dry Bar-Landscape (with Bushing)

Part number: ER-B-L





Dry Bar-Portrait

Part number: ER-B-P






ER-CAP-B/L Top Cover for Landscape Dry Bar



ER-CC-B/L Cross Connection for Dry Bar-Landscape



ER-B-T6/L T bolt kit M6*L



ER-CAP-B/P End Cap for Portrait Dry Bar



ER-CAP-B/L End Cap for Landscape Dry Bar



ER-CAP-T150/PA Cap for T-150 Rail



ER-CAP-B150/PA Cap for Composite Beam




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