PV-ezRack SolarBase

Designed for Commercial Installation



PV-ezRack Solar Base, as a solar roof system, is specifically designed for commercial roof installation. Its high efficient design greatly simplies installation process and optimizes the use of available roof area.

Key Benefits

Easy and Fast Installation

The pre-assembled support leg with easy and strong buckle design and simple bolt fastening saves installation time.


Great Compatibility

Compatible with most framed solar modules, this ballast, flat roof system allows flexible arrangement of arrays to maximize power generation and accommodate rooftop facilities (air-con units, lights and etc.).


Advancecd Design

The ballast and wind deflector effectively enhance the stability of the solar system. The rubber pad underneath the supporting leg raises up the whole system for water draining, preventing it from corrosion and keeping the roof membrance intact.


High Quality

Clenergy conducts strict quality management and control over raw material purchasing and production process to guarantee delivery of high quality products.




Price Advantage

Efficient design and streamlined manufacturing processes mean better yet more economical products.


Simple BOM

Bill of material can be confusing and complicated - but not with Clenergy! On the BOM for SolarBase, you will find only 4 components.







 Ballast Bar





 Module Clamp





 Support Leg




 Wind Deflector