PV-ezRack® Carbon Steel Carport

PV-ezRack® Carbon Steel Carport is a versatile, economical parking system for commercial ground-mounting installations. The Carport is manufactured from hot-dip galvanized steel to ensure reliable corrosion resistance in all kinds of natural environments. The modularized design enables easy adjustment and arrangement of the system for single, double or row carports.The professional design ensures system stability. With a concrete foundation, the system is suitable for every soil type and a wide range of applications.

Key Benefits

Economical and Practical

The entire system is made of carbon steel for a simple parts manufacturing process. The system is both economical and practical.

Supply Convenience

The Carport features robust produces, quick prep time, a short delivery cycle and easily transportable packaging.


Carport I:




  PV-ezRack Solar carbon steel Carport

  Part Number: D-260/ 240



ER-SP-T150.jpg  Rectangular Tube

  Part Number: RT-80/ 60/ 2205


  C-Steel 80*40*5070 kit

  Part Number: RT-C80/ 40/ K



  Waterproof Bar-Landscape (with Bushing)

  Part Number: ER-B-L





  Waterproof Bar-Landscape (Carport II)

  Part Number: ER-B-L/A





  T bolt kit

  Part Number: ER-B-T6/65





  Cross Connection for Waterproof Bar -Landscape (Carport II)

  Part Number: ER-CC-B/L





  End Cap for Portrait Waterproof Bar (Carport II)

  Part Number: ER-CAP-B/P





  Cover for Landscape Waterproof Bar (Carport II)

  Part Number: ER-CAP-B/LTop





  PV-ezRack Rail Clamp for T-Rail

  Part Number: ER-RC-T





  Main Support Beam

  Part Number: ER-B-150





  Splice for Main Support Beam

  Part Number: ER-SP-B150





  PV-ezRack Solar Carport, Post

  Part Number: ER-L-80





  PV-ezRack Solar Carport, Carport Plate

  Part Number: ER-D-200





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